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A passport is a legal symbol of one’s nationality and trump card to enjoy legal and other rights by an individual. Getting a second passport is a smart move to secure your future, financial liabilities and escaping political unrest. It is basically a traveler’s card, issued by a country to allow its citizen to move to another country and enjoy their stay there.

A legal passport contains name, nationality, date of birth, signature and other identification, which confirms citizenship and allows citizen to move freely to another country and carry out their business interest or others. Therefore, for moving to another country, every citizen must have a valid passport that signifies the validity of visit.

In absence of a valid passport, an individual is liable to face severe consequences. Fine in cash or jail term or both can be given depending upon the purpose and nature of visit.

Role of Second Passport

Having a second passport is really beneficial. It gives you the added advantage to enjoy the benefits and facilities given by another country. With your second passport, you are liable to enjoy all the rights like other citizens are enjoying. Honored by the government of another country, second passport legalize your stay and you can enjoy tax rights and custom duties equally like other natural citizens.

Types of Second Passport

Second passport are of different types, acknowledged by the governments of the countries. Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Alien’s Passport, Collective Passport, Look-alike Passport and other different kinds of passports can be issued to an individual for his foreign stay. Issuance of the passport is entirely depended on the requirement of the visit. Like the natural passport, second passport carries vital information like name, signature, nationality, purpose of visit, tenure of stay and other key information. Specific in nature, second passport can be asked to produced before the government of another country in case of emergency.

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Second Passport

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This article was published on 2007/10/06